PARA PRO 1 :::

Low Flight, Practical Skills, Experience & Airmanship Requirements

General: Transport, Care & Maintenance of paraglider & equipment. Accordion v rolled fold up. Proper stowing of lines & risers.  
Pre & Post flight routines: Laying out, making a horseshoe, "building a wall", adjustments, pre-flight checks, line & karabiner control, harness control, attachment of cross-bracing & speed system. Packing up.  
Takeoff position & final check: Position of risers & toggles. body & arm position. Final check: Of karabiners & cross-bracing, conditions, clear area.
Takeoff exercises: The glider to flying position: Determined, correct running to get the glider up. Checking the glider visually. Letting go of front risers. Correcting problems. Continue running, smooth acceleration, no jumping into harness.
Running with glider: Controlling position of paraglider & angle of attack and roll, on flat gounrd and on a slope.
Stalling & Stopping a run: On flat ground & on a slope. Correct landing technique. Not flaring too soon.
Flight Planning: Evaluating site & conditions. Decisions, giving a flight plan.
Takeoff: Takeoff position. Smooth acceleration & lift off with correct airspeed & good directional control.
Speed Contol: Best glide angle speed, no tendency of slow flight or stall.
Directional Contol: Maintaining heading, smooth course corrections, avoidance of oscillataions.
Shallow turns: Co-ordinated entry & recovery, small diversions from course.
Landings: Directly into wind

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